Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life

As a human I think all of us must have one best thing that has ever happened to our life. In this blog I want to share what the best thing that has ever happened to me. The best thing that happen to me is when in the day to get my SPM result. At the day SPM result come out I wake up early in the morning. When I open my eyes I feel very nervous. I just think about my SPM result. In my deeply heart always pray and hope will get the best result.

After I take a bath and take a breakfast I start the car engine and I drive out from my home at 8a.m in the morning. I drive slowly with the nervous feeling go to my school. When arrived at school I try to control my nervous feeling. I enter my school canteen and wait for the time the SPM result come out. In the period to wait for result come out I meet my friends and talk with them. All of us share to each other what does we do in holiday time.

12p.m, result come out, all student queue up to take SPM result slip. Until my turn I just focus to the SPM result slip. I have a strong feeling that tell me my result is good and all what I have target is achieve. When I received the slip I check one by one what I get.. I fell really happy when I see I got a good result. I get my phone and call my parents and tell them what I gets in SPM. My parents proud of what I get. I also already prove to my father that I can get a good result. In that time I feel very happy. I think that is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's the best memory for me......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Dream Women.....

My Dream Women...

  • criteria that my dream women should have
  1. respect my parents
  2. have a good moral (good attitude)
  3. responsible
  4. Chinese look
  5. lovely and caring
  6. hard work
  7. not easy to give up
  8. must be able to know who are i am.
  9. good in cook
  10. perfectionist
  11. must know how to be a good wife
  12. beautiful
  13. have fair skin like me
  14. have romantic eyes
  15. have silk hair
  16. same tall with me
  17. have a perfect smile
  18. smart body
  19. soft voice
  20. productive
  21. can do everything for me
  22. can give anything what i want
  23. can speak mandarin with me
  24. must same interest with me
  25. can life with me for ever and ever
  26. honest person
  27. can answer everything that i ask to her
  28. brave and strong
  29. must professional to handle family problem
  30. can look over me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself.

As with everyone, we all have character flaws we’d like to change. And the more I reflect, the more I realize I have these traits that are really damn annoying. And the person it annoys the most, is me! Now you would think that being so annoyed, that I would actually be motivated enough to change. But instead, I seem to just become more entrenched in the quagmire of the status quo. But slowly but surely the desire to change is growing. And tonight it seems to have come to a head… so much so, that I’m actually blogging about it.

The thing that i would like to change about my self is "Melatah". I hopefully one day this habit will not in me anymore. Now I in the process to throw and change this bad attitude. I feel this attitude should not in a male attitude. This attitude is funny for other people but not for me. Now I have a high spirit to change this bad attitude. I can be sure this habit will far from me in one day......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How I Spend My Holiday.

22nd January 2009 (Friday) is the starting date of mid break for UiTMT. All my friend was very excited about this mid-term break but me fell very sad because I was not back to my home town. Actually I very miss my family but how to do because the flight ticket is too expensive. Because of this problem make me can't go back to my home town. For this mid-term break I go back to Kelantan to my friend house. My Friend name is Nur Khairul. This is my second time go to Kelantan.

First day I at my friend house I feel very shy and unusual with my friend parents. How ever, I try to friendly with my friend parents. I try to talk with them and I also share with them what does my home town situation. After a few day I at Khairul home step by step i feel comfortable with him parents. Khairul parents entertain me just like their son.

After two day I and Khairul already relax and rest at home. Two of us plan want to go to Rantau Panjang for shopping. Besides that I and Khairul also invited our friends to join us go to Rantau Panjang, that person is Jasmini and Nurul Izati (Kak Long). We go to Rantau Panjang in the morning, we use the bus from Kota Bahru to go there, it take 1 hour journey to arrive at Rantau Panjang. When arrived at there we was start to shop and walk and look around for shop. I was shop so many of shirts. Nini also shop many of shirts. All of us us feel very enjoyable of there. When in afternoon we plan to go back but Kak long told us to go her home for a lunch. At Kak Long Home to take a lunch her mother serve us with Gulai Ayam Kampung. It very delicious!! After lunch, we diside go back home after Asar. After Asar prey we ready to go back and Kak Long Farther send us go back to Kota Bharu. At the night I and Khairul feel very tired because spend the whole day at Rantau Panjang. It was very sweet memories shop at Rantau Panjang, the item at Rantau Panjang is very cheap.

For the next day I and Khairul plan to rest first at home but him parents call us to join them go to Besut for visit their cousin. I and Khairul except to join them. I feel excited want go to Besut because this is the first time I go there. This holiday is the special holiday for me because i has go many place at Kelantan. For the next two day Fauzi was invite me, Khairul, Nini and Kak long sight seeing at Kota Bahru. We go to many place at Kota Bharu town.

One week already past now is the time to prepare go back to UiTM. Holiday at Kelantan is the best experience for me. I can not forget time sweet holiday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UITMT Student For One Semester.

In this blog I want to share my experience being a UiTMT student for one semester a go. It so many sweet and bad memory for the last semester. I also learn how to be a university student, it quite difficult to learn a new life but I still push myself to enter this new life. Actually Diploma In Culinary Arts is not my first choice but I force myself to try and learn this course. Now, I feel very enjoy with this course.

In the new place we will see the new people, new language, and new culture. However, I very excited to learn this new thing. Last semester my classmate had do many activities together such as dinner at Gadung Cafe, go to beach in the evening when class already end. From this activities our friendship more close and we also understanding each other. For us team spirit is more important. Happiness and sadness we always together.

Besides that, my best experience is join Theater Club that we call 'Seni Pujangga' and I also join 'Mayang Heritage'. From this two club I have join many activity such as tribute P.Ramlee and 'Santai Seni'. Lastly, I hope that I will get the best result for this semester.