Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UITMT Student For One Semester.

In this blog I want to share my experience being a UiTMT student for one semester a go. It so many sweet and bad memory for the last semester. I also learn how to be a university student, it quite difficult to learn a new life but I still push myself to enter this new life. Actually Diploma In Culinary Arts is not my first choice but I force myself to try and learn this course. Now, I feel very enjoy with this course.

In the new place we will see the new people, new language, and new culture. However, I very excited to learn this new thing. Last semester my classmate had do many activities together such as dinner at Gadung Cafe, go to beach in the evening when class already end. From this activities our friendship more close and we also understanding each other. For us team spirit is more important. Happiness and sadness we always together.

Besides that, my best experience is join Theater Club that we call 'Seni Pujangga' and I also join 'Mayang Heritage'. From this two club I have join many activity such as tribute P.Ramlee and 'Santai Seni'. Lastly, I hope that I will get the best result for this semester.