Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Dream Women.....

My Dream Women...

  • criteria that my dream women should have
  1. respect my parents
  2. have a good moral (good attitude)
  3. responsible
  4. Chinese look
  5. lovely and caring
  6. hard work
  7. not easy to give up
  8. must be able to know who are i am.
  9. good in cook
  10. perfectionist
  11. must know how to be a good wife
  12. beautiful
  13. have fair skin like me
  14. have romantic eyes
  15. have silk hair
  16. same tall with me
  17. have a perfect smile
  18. smart body
  19. soft voice
  20. productive
  21. can do everything for me
  22. can give anything what i want
  23. can speak mandarin with me
  24. must same interest with me
  25. can life with me for ever and ever
  26. honest person
  27. can answer everything that i ask to her
  28. brave and strong
  29. must professional to handle family problem
  30. can look over me